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sunnuntai 24. joulukuuta 2017

#startyourFinnish Pinterest board

Today I have a small Christmas gift for you - I have created a #startyourFinnish board where I will gather useful materials for learning Finnish.

Why Pinterest?

  • Language learning visualisation - you get beautiful pictures and colourful explanations, which helps your brain process learning material faster.
  • Engagement - you find accounts of other people who are learning Finnish as well => motivation is doubled!
  • Always with you - you get both desktop and mobile versions of your learning materials collection which you can review when you get some free time - for example, when waiting for a bus or taking a short coffee break at work. 
  • Impossible to lose. They are always pinned to your board - compare it with numerous printouts you get at the language courses (my printouts are at home in Petrozavodsk, because they could easily occupy a small backpack - hopefully one day I can scan those!).
  • Easy to sort - you can pin my pins to your own boards based on the language command level, sphere of learning (grammar, vocabulary, etc) or in accordance with any of your other preference.

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