New Year language learning resolutions (learn Finnish & other languages)

New year has started, and holidays are gone – it was fast! Yesterday I have just returned from my warm but snowy (what a nice combination!) weekend in Lapland back to work and study routine. This semester I am taking my first ever course in Finnish (Kirjanpito, accounting) and will share my language learning experience. Meanwhile – some ideas of NY language learning resolutions and goals.

Utilise social media to boost your language learning motivation. Maybe posting photos about your language learning routine is a bit of loss of time – but if it motivates you, why not? I have done this only once, when I started learning Chinese, but getting back to an old post and confirming with myself that I am still on a learning track definitely boosts my motivation.

Utilise also:
Find new ways to learn language, also on the way. Music, translating recipes, internet memes, unusual social media channels (check Jodel mobile app) and podcasts (check Supla mobile app) – be motivated to find ways to learn the language that will not send your brain the message “Oh, again this boring duty to learn that grammar rule” or “I have no time for it, I am too busy”.

Speak. That is actually the most difficult part, as it requires a certain level of psychological commitment and definitely more time.

Some ideas:
  • Tandem app (see my review for useful tips how to use this app effectively)
  • Language cafes (if you live in Finland, you can find Language cafes held in universities, libraries. Helsinki people, check Cafe Lingua)
  • Talking to yourself - I wrote a post about it last May.
It is a short list, but the less goals you plan, the easier it is for you to keep to your resolutions and instead plan subgoals for your goals!